Dimitris Dimitriadis

Language Processing R&D

Full Stack Web Developer

Dimitris Dimitriadis

Language Processing R&D

Full Stack Web Developer

Academic Experience
ECARLE Project
2018 - 2021
ECARLE Project
Exploitation of Cultural Assets with computer-assisted Recognition, Labeling and meta-data Enrichment

I have primarily focused my work on semantic indexing in the domain of Greek literature. Specifically, I have placed emphasis on developing a deep learning architecture for text classification, taking Genre/Form terms into account. This endeavor brought forth distinct challenges, largely arising from the use of archaic Greek language and the varying quality of the source text, which was frequently impacted by OCR applied to digital books. ECARLE website

Large Scale Semantic Indexing and Question Answering
Large Scale Semantic Indexing and Question Answering
In collaboration with Atypon Systems, LLC

My primary focus has been on Question Answering within the biomedical field. Specifically, I aimed to refine the conceptualization of QA by conducting an in-depth study of related works in this area. This involved constructing various learning models, creating novel algorithms, and integrating multiple resources.

2016 - 2020
Lab Assistant
Object Oriented Programming (Java)

My responsibilities were to:

  1. instruct students in the practical application of the Java programming language.
  2. administer GitHub classroom to assess student performance.
  3. assist students in comprehending object-oriented programming concepts.
Enrolled at the School of Mathematics.

I’m immersed in the study of Mathematics at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.


The title of my thesis is “Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Techniques for Question Answering”. Read It Here

2014- 2016
Msc Informatics and Communications
Knowledge, Data and Software Technologies

Courses I have completed include:

  1. Distributed Resource Management (Apache Hadoop, MapReduce)
  2. Advanced Algorithms (e.g. hashing algorithms in detail)
  3. Advanced Machine Learning ( e.g. Bagging, Boosting etc.)
  4. SPSS
  5. Semantic Web (e.g. RDF schema, etc)
2010 - 2014
Bachelor's Degree in Informatics

I pursued my studies at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, particularly in the School of Informatics, a field I have a profound fondness for.

2016 - Present
Private Tutor
Academic Lessons / Support on Academic Exercises, Theses
IT member
Media Markt Thessaloniki
  1. Technical Support
  2. Customer Service
Goethe (B1)
Michigan (B2)
  • Presentations (e.g. Conference Article )
  • Writing (e.g. Journal Articles, Reports )
  • Communication (e.g. via Google Hangouts, Skype, f2f)
BioASQ Challenge
2014 - 2019
BioASQ Challenge
Task B, Phase (Question Answering, exact answers)

Several awards:

  1. 2/5 test batches (2014)
  2. 2/5 test batches (2016)
  3. 1/5 test batches (2017)
  4. 4/5 test batches (2018) 
  5. 3/5 test batches (2019)
Continuous Engineering and Deep Learning for Trustworthy Autonomous Systems
Summer School

Deep learning has developed into a mature technology and it is nowadays an essential part in systems that may include timing and cyber-physical components, such as self-driving cars, autonomous control systems in medical applications and so on. We call these systems learning-enabled autonomous systems and we focus on key challenges in their design and development, which lie in the intersection of the two H2020 research projects that jointly organize this one-week summer school with prominent invited speakers and hands-on sessions on related tools and state-of-the-art industrial technologies.

Basic Life Support
Basktball Player
DS2020 Conference
organization team

I was in the organization team of DS2020 Conference. My responsibilities were:

  1. To set up a new account on slack and add channels related to the sessions of the conference. I also had to configure the permissions and invite the attendees. I was there to solve any issues with the participants and provide guidelines about the conference.
  2. To assist participants in gather town, helping them find the rooms by giving directions and answering their questions.
  3. To oversee discussions on the zoom platform. I welcomed the speakers and was also available to resolve any technical issues.
My Skills
  • Question Answering
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Python / Php / JS / CSS / HTML
  • Java
  • C++ / C
  • Matlab / VB / VC++